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  • Email us: info@versitilegroupbb.com
  • Working Hours: 08:00-17:00



Are you only appointment base?

No we are not, we welcome walk-ins but we rather have you call in before so our sales rep can prep for what you are looking for by setting up photos and past projects information for you , depending on what you want.

Do you do site visits?

yes , we do  site visits but must be scheduled 48 hours before, to give us effect time to prepare information for your said projects. We can do site visits  on shorter notice, but must confirm be with a sales rep.

How long does a quotation take?

Our quotation usually takes 24 hours to process, however you may be able to get your faster depending on the magnitude of the project or later depending on how busy we are working on other quotes. We keep inform each 24-hours we don’t get back with a quote to let you know how we are processing.

Can I get 3d render or a Concept before a Deposit?

On most Cases , No, we don’t want our ideas and designs stolen. On other cases it must be approved by the COO or CEO. Unless you’re a consistent recurring client, these case points won’t matter.

Do you have discounts or sales?

Yes we do, Please visit our socials for up-to-date information or ask our sales representative.


Can I choose material used on my project?

Yes you can, Your quote would state the type of material being used. The cost of the material would adjust all quotes so decision to use other type of material from the initial quote would result in a price adjustment which will be shown on the next received quote.

Do you guys Have warranty or Take any Accountability?

We do Have warranty on our pieces , each invoice will shows it’s period of warranty. Also We Take Accountability for Our Mistakes , such dings on delivery , or mis-design or built units. We do not take accountability on Material longivtity nor Fixtures, but these are cover under the warranty period.

What is the process of my project?

After the quotation is approved, its the design period – which time span will be verify with our designer. Next is Building Period which will be verify by our sales rep and Factory Manager. After the building period is completed we have you come in and see that Project once a signed agreement is made, the painting process begins and that time period will be verify with our sales rep and factory Manager again after its the fun part Installation, since all of installation are modular is done quickly and efficiently, which period of time will be verify by our factory Manager.

How I am Updated about my project?

Through emails and a series of calls/what’s app messages , which then communication is then confirm in a email not to confuse any working body on the project.

Can I choose an Installation date for my Project whether it's earlier or later of finished date?

Yes, you are given the power to choose if the dates of your installation once it’s after given finished date , however this must be verify by the sales rep. On the case of earlier than the expected finished date , this must be approved by the COO or CEO


How does payment work?

After an approved quoation, a 50% deposit is made. After the Building Period and sign agreement on the design, A 40% deposit of  the total is made. After Installation and Client Signs off on the project, the remaining 10% amount is paid.

Do you have Payment Plans?

No. We do don’t do payment plans

Do you accept Card/ Online Payment?

We Do Accept Debit/ Credit Cards and the only online payment we have is wired Transfer.

Does My deposit or payments on my projects effects is time period?

Yes, it does, we do don’t proceed with work once period deposit is not made which interns effect the finishing date.

Does my quote Have a grace-period?

Yes, All Quotes have a time-period which is shown at the bottom of the quote.

Do you have more questions?