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Creating luxury Finishes to Hotels, beach homes/summer houses and villas since 2007. Our mission is always make Barbados feel elegant yet not fetch far away from our roots of the Caribbean and embrace it.

Using unique design patterns with tropical accents and local material such as coconut branches and bamboo with also thatch like finishes, stain finishes and clear-coats to pop-out the material use. Although we do local tropical designs, we can give complex and sophisticated finishes; such as high gloss- painted, laminated and water based. We want your design and pieces be apart of your service, as the environment offer much more than one might think, this why we go through multiple option with our clients and ideas , showing concepts and previous projects to give you an exact idea of what you want or want to offer.

Sharing our Designs with tourists and locals in Barbados , gave us absolutely  joy, making tourists  astonished by our quality and complexity of work and making locals proud , that a company from their home can compete on any market at any level.